Welcome to a collection of games for you to enjoy! The Newer games are at the top and the older ones are at the BOTTOM. All games were made using scratch and then maximized using Forkphorus by Ranger Peeps and a coding boot camp director. To start the game hit the green flag and hit the stop sign to end.


Use the arrow keys to jump and move around. Use the 1 key to swap the gravity to normal and hit 2 to climb on the roof as you go through test chambers!

A bike adventure

Use the arrow keys to jump or crouch! Avoid the changing obstacles and enjoy the changing scenery! Record : 136!

Catch space chicken

A 2 player game! You use the WASD and the arrows to try to catch the space chicken the most times! Two people can play on the same device if one person uses WASD and one uses the arrows!